Agusta Yr is an Icelandic film director, creative director & artist based in Los Angeles & London. 

Agusta studied Photography & Video at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Since graduating in 2017 she has extensive experience working with world-renowned brands, publications, and artists, such as Vogue, Paper Magazine, LOVE Magazine, Gucci, Moschino, Michael Kors, Converse, Free People, Nordstrom & ASOS, The 1975, Remi Wolf, Leyla Blue & Yang Li.

Agusta’s impressive industry honors, including recognition on the British Fashion Council’s New Wave: Creatives 2020 list of innovative creators and Dazed Media’s “Dazed 100” list of innovative creators from the fields of fashion, art, and media, further cement her industry acclaim and standing in the field as a game changer.  

Agusta is highly-sought by prominent artists, brands, and arts organisations for her distinct artistic style, as well as her groundbreaking three-dimensional and virtual reality artworks, which often address contemporary social topics, such as body and beauty standards and the evermore digital world that we inhabit, in a highly compelling, humorous, and visually striking way that is her signature. 

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